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Hannah Stouffer (b 1981) is an American art director and visual artist living and working in California. Born and raised in Aspen, CO, Stouffer relocated to CA in 1999.

With over 15 years experience in fine art, commercial illustration and curatorial production, Stouffer has proven to be a powerhouse in creative visual media. She is identified as both an art director and visual artist, having maintained a strong presence in both fields, commercially and with her own fine art. Stouffer is known for her intricately executed imagery and shadowy and ethereal themes. Her work presents a balance of feminine embellishments and naturalistic, metaphysical motifs. Stouffer is identified as both a commercial and fine art illustrator, having maintained a strong presence in both fields, simultaneously showing her work as an exhibiting artist while exploring her ever-ending pursuit of illustrating emotional transcendence.

Having produced and published four contemporary art books, published by Gingko Press, including
Lust for Light and The New Age of Ceramics, Stouffer is a true tastemaker of visual aesthetics. In 2015, Stouffer brought her creative vision and expertise to  H+ Creative, as founder of the visual services agency filling the role of the company's director. With H+, Stouffer aimed to create experiences centered on client connectivity through visual production. 

Prior to 2015, Stouffer was a contributing writer for VICE's Creators Project, and from 2011-2014 for leading art publication Juxtapoz Magazine. During this time she produced and curated book titles Juxtapoz Psychedelic and Juxtapoz New Contemporary, in addition to producing the monumental Psychedelic Book Release Exhibition at The Well in Los Angeles, CA. 

Stouffer's career as a commercial and fine art illustrator has allowed her work to be commissioned by many high profile clients including AMEX, Christian Dior, Disney, Dell, Microsoft, Nike, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal China allowing her creative hand to lead massive campaigns, both nationwide and abroad. Stouffer has been commissioned for large scale site specific work as well, curating and and working as art director for the largest Los Angeles funded festival Night on Broadway and Basel Castle during Art Basel Miami multiple years in a row.

With her initial exhibition at the Aspen Art Museum, Stouffer has been showing her work in galleries and museums worldwide since her introduction to visual media. Exhibitions include work in the Japanese American National Museum and The Dallas Museum of Art with solo shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Denver and New York. Stouffer has been present as a juror for the Art Directors Club of Houston and an ambassador of the arts in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel with social startup, Kinetis.

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Lust for Light, Gingko Press, Designer / Curator

New Age of Ceramics, Gingko Press, Designer / Curator

Juxtapoz Psychedelic, Editor / Curator


Juxtapoz, New Contemporary, Editor / Curator,


IDN 15th Anniversary, What Do You Love, Contributor

Spirit Animals, Chronicle Books, Cover Illustrator 


Bitten, Chronicle Books, Cover Illustrator


Cutting Edge Patterns and Textures, Mao-Mao, Contributor


Motivos para Disenar, Promo Press, Contributor




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